Yoga’s Impact

I am a big believer that yoga is more than just a work out. It is a work in, you find time for it even if it is just a quick ten minutes before you go to bed of an evening. Yoga for me was revolutionary. It saved my life. It helped me heal from a multitude of physical pain and past trauma. It is not just a physical practice, but a mental and emotional practice, that helps you to find your balance.

Yoga helps us to locate blockages within our mind, body and heart and teaches us how to release these blockages.

I found that the more I worked on healing myself through yoga, that I felt that I would be able to further my own healing through helping others to release their own blockages as well. Thus I took the leap to become a yoga teacher. It is my intention to support those on their healing and transformative journey to self acceptance, love and growth no matter where they are at in their practice, especially those who have limited access to such mental health and well-being classes. 



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