Inactivity is a good word for me at the moment! I have been very inactive on my blog and in my yoga practice of late! Much to my annoyance.

My partner and I have just purchased our first home together. Hence, my priorities have been else where arranging settlements, packing our belongings and unpacking our belongings.

No matter the rush and excitement that this kind of event in one's life gives them, it is important that we take the time out to realise just how important it is to keep taking care of ourselves! One of my key self care activities is to partake in at least 10 minutes of yoga per day usually of a morning to ensure the fascia build up gets broken down.

My partner I am sure can attest to the fact that over the last couple of months I have been a bit more grouchy and  stressed out not just from my 9-5 job either but from all the added stress that comes with making sure everything is in order to be able to get the new house keys on settlement day!

So on reflection the one major thing I missed out on has been my yoga practice! I realise now just how important that is! With it I am sure I would have been managing far better than I have been. Maybe to the point that I would not be so inactive! But all is well - I will be bouncing back and getting into the swing of yoga practices again very soon. And continue working on my blog. Hopefully will have some class videos for you all very soon!

Light and Love!

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