Full Moon Yoga

During the Full Moon, we experience an elevated level of energy within us. The energy of the full moon relates to the force of prana, a force which can be felt at the end of each inhalation.  The energy of the full moon, like prana can be characterised by a feeling of fullness, a upward movement or expansiveness.

Though we may feel energetically elevated, we might also feel as though our emotions are amplified yet lack any feeling of being grounded.

It is the aim of Hatha Yoga, to balance out the solar and lunar energies, between activity and receptivity. Helping to bring us back in balance.

During the full moon, incorporation of Moon Salutations into our practice is beneficial for soothing and cooling ourselves down. Giving ourselves the reprieve we need from the overstimulation of the energies within us as the moon reaches its fullest point.




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