24/7 Access to Yoga Classes

I was inspired to create YoginiOTSO in order to provide what I had been looking for myself! A platform to gain access to yoga classes, health and wellness insights whilst living in places or travelling where such are not available.

It is my mission to provide a safe, nurturing environment for people of all ages and limitations to explore the practice of yoga wherever they are in the world at any time. I am committed to bringing increased health, happiness and harmony to those who follow my yoga journey! 

With the guidance provided here you can learn the foundations of yoga in a safe, relaxing and judgment-free space. This is a perfect space for beginners who have never experienced yoga before and also for yogis who have been practising for many years. Hence, my page has been designed for all people of all abilities and fitness types.

Ready to get started? Join me today!


Stay on Track And Keep Motivated

Here, I will lead you through entire sequences. I also provide modifications for every fitness level. With new videos released bi-weekly, I will ensure you are guaranteed to never be bored!





My video sequences are available on demand to fit your own schedule from the comfort of your own home. Get "Sequences On Demand" with just one click! (Link and Videos Coming Soon)



Here you can choose anything from express sequences (5-15 minutes) to full-length sessions (30 minutes-1 hour). This is great if you are a busy mom, travel a lot for work or please, or just the average gym-goer who is wishing to switch up their routine.